Property Management

We take care of your property
Do you already have a house in Spain and are you looking for a reliable party who can rent and / or manage it for you? We completely take care of the rental and management of your property. Your home is in safe and reliable hands.
When you come to your home yourself, you want to enjoy it without problems. We ensure that you can start your stay carefree on arrival. The property will be delivered clean and without defects. If the property is used for renting to third parties, we will also ensure that the property is delivered in perfect condition for each rental.

What can PM Estate do for you?

Property Management
• The key management
• Cleaning of the house and beds / linen
• Ventilate the home
• Flushing taps and toilets
• Checking for possible damage to your home
• Checking all hinges and locks, locks, alarm system
• Checking and preventing pests (pestcontrol)
• Check the electricity
• Collecting your mail and, if desired, forwarding it to your home address or via e-mail
• Take a photo or video report of the house and send it via WhatsApp
• Multi luanguage contact contact person
• If there are defects in your home, we will find a suitable solution in consultation with you

Our service when the property is rented

• Check in, check out (at check out check on the state of the house)
• Welcome and familiarize yourself in the home (working television, air conditioning, …)
• Cleaning of the house and beds / linen
• Provide practical information and interesting tips about the area
• Collect the deposit (if required)

If desired, we can provide a grocery service and /or welcome package. Feel free to ask about the possibilities.

A subscription for management amounts to € 695 per year.
In addition to our periodic checks, you can also call us for an additional check. Even in the event of an emergency, we can be deployed quickly to resolve any defects. We charge an hourly rate for an additional check and possible work. Our hourly rate is € 30,-

Key Management
You can also choose to only have a spare key within reach. It may happen that you forget to bring your house key from the Netherlands or that you have left it in the home.
We manage the keys to your Spanish home in a safe place and only give it to your guests, supplier or installer if you ask us to do so.
A subscription for the key service is € 75,- per year.
If you request us to visit your house for an extra check or for another service, we will agree an hourly rate for this. Our hourly rate is € 30,-

Rental of the house
Do you have a property that you want to rent out?
If you choose to let your house be rented by us, you are assured that we will do everything possible to let your house as much as possible and that the guests will not lack anything. You determine which periods your house will be offered for rent and you will be kept informed of the progress in detail.

We offer the following services:

  • Presentation
    The first impression of a home is very important. To present your home as well as possible, we take 360-degree photos of your home in addition to a series of professional photos. Before we start writing texts, we first explore the area to see what is located in the vicinity of the house. We all do this ourselves so that we can optimally inform interested tenants.
  • Ad Management
    we make a rental advertisement and ensure that your property is presented correctly on multiple platforms (Airbnb, Homeaway, Wimdu, etc).
  • Promotion
    On Social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, we are constantly active to promote our accommodations. In addition, we score high in the Google and Bing search engines, so that people can find us quickly. If you agree that we may offer last-minute prices at certain times, then we can rent out your property even better.
  • Arrival and departure
    We always receive your guests in person at your holiday home. In addition to handing over the keys, we also give a tour, explanation of, for example, the use of TV, WiFi, air conditioning and information about the area. During the stay we are the direct point of contact and on departure we ensure a check and a pleasant departure. In case of questions and / or problems, guests can call on us and we will provide the right solution.
  • Cleaning
    We think it is very important that all accommodations are clean and fresh. When a guest has left your home, it will be cleaned immediately. If there has been no tenant in a certain period, we can also regularly air your home.

Benefits for you:
– Extra income if you do not use it yourself.
– You are free to rent out yourself, and determine the period in which we may rent out for you.
– Your home is presented with extensive photo coverage, 360-degree photos and description.
– We make a rental advertisement and ensure that


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